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Help with buying new intermediate tires

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Hey guys, I have a 2007 YZ250F and both my tires have little to no tread on them anymore, so I'm looking to buy a new set of (I'm thinking) intermediate tires. I ride primarily in two places: an old golf course (pretty much a big open field, kinda hilly but mostly covered in grass) and my local track, which is pretty average as far as hardness and moistness go. I have to ride on the street for maybe half a mile to get to the golf course each way. So let's say every other weekend I ride at the golf course(keeping in mind I'll be going about a mile on the street on those days in addition to a few hours of riding), and on the alternate weekends I ride at the track. I want a tire that gets good traction so I'll be able to make it up loose hills but I also want it to last me all season (ideally without having to be replaced, I don't have a whole lot of extra cash lying around). Could anyone recommend a tire with nice traction that lasts them a long time? I was considering Dunlop GeoMax MX51's and Bridgestone M403/404's, however I've heard both of those don't last very long. I've also heard the longest lasting are Maxxis MaxxCross Desert IT's, however those get little to no traction on soft terrain. Like I said though, I'm just considering those three and I'd be completely open to other suggestions if there's a better option for my situation. Perhaps I can run a different tire on the front and rear. Thanks for the help in advance.

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