Truck Cap lift to load DRZ

Well, this is not as impressive as the recent post about putting a DRZ inside a Honda Element, but it may be useful to some of you who use pickup trucks with caps.

On my 2004 Tundra with a tall Leer cap it is very difficult to get the DRZ past the rear opening, which is lower than the rest of the cap. So I rigged up threaded rods that hold down the cap more securely than the standard clamps, but also allow it to be easily raised, then lowered once the bike is inside.

The two rear rods rise with the cap. They have holes for small pins to hold up the cap in the "UP" position, and larger holes in the threaded coupling to secure it in the "DOWN" position using larger pins. Tightening the nut on top keeps the large pins in place by friction.

The other four threaded rods are actually eye-bolts and remain bolted to the truck box wall and the cap just rises up on them when lifted. Nuts are tightened to secure the cap in the down position.

It takes about 10 minutes to load or unload with this set-up, unless the truck has a lot of other stuff in it which must be unloaded. The forks still have to be sucked down pretty far with ratchet straps.

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Get yourself a receiver hitch mounted rack. I made one from the specs some foolish manufacturer posted on their website...good design at least.


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