New Here! 2002 LC4-640 Setup Questions

I just bought a 2002 LC4-640 Six Days with only 300 miles on the clock! :thumbsup: The head pipes are blue indicating the jetting is kinda lean. Is there a jetting kit I can buy or do you guys have any suggestions? It has a Supertrapp exhaust that looks heavy but is pretty quiet. I'm thinking there is more power to be found there. I've only ridden it up and down the street but the suspension feels kinda mushy. I'll probably take the suspenders over to Racetech for fixing. Many years ago I raced an 1989 LC4-600 and it ripped! :confused:

I am restoring a 2000 lc4. I bought it from a friend who kept records. The header pipes are totally blued. He replaced the main jet from a 150 to a 152.5 and finally to a 157.5. Don't know if this helps? Also raised the needle to the highest position. The suspension has lots of adjustment. He set it up stiff and I will be making it mushy again. For the front he also put in 15 w oil. I will go back to 5w. I would say work with the bike for a while before paying someone else. Good luck

try adv rider in the thumper section theres a huge amount of info on lc4

Celtic: Did you get your scoot sorted out ? Where are ya in CA ?

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