82 xr500 with issues

I have a 1982 xr500, motor starts and runs even idles until I let the kick starter fully return. then it dies like I hit the kill button? I have no clue but I cant figure this out either. anyone out there have any ideas?:thumbsup:

Hmmm... that is strange. The only thing that could possibly have anything to do with killing it as far as kickstarter related would be if the auto-decompressor cable was somehow hooked up backwards and was opening the exhaust valves when the kicker was returned to the up position. But I don't think it's even possible to hook it up backwards.


Yeah I know this is weird. I've been turning wrenches my life. this is one of the weirdest things I have ever come across. I know I'll figure it out, eventually. This bike is new to me, so I hoping it was something someone else had already figured out. DAMN IT, I WANNA RIDE!

Okay all is well. just a simple mis-adjusted decompression cable. thanks to zrxer for the reply. this bike and I just need a little bonding time.

Excellent! :thumbsup:

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