Dyno of my drz Yosh+ 39 fcr mc

Just dynoed my drz. Never had a dyno before. Bike has ~1100 miles. I put on a yosh trc ti pipe from the clearance sale, and a 39 fcr mx carb with the 3x3 mod. Bike was running good with a good idle.

Here's the dyno sheet


Run 1 is wot

Run 2 is cruising

Dyno guy told me that the jetting is fine but I should move the clip on the needle one down. Moving the needle up and increasing my fuel mid range.

Did that but now I have a hanging idle. What do you guys think? Move the needle back? Idle mixture screw?

Adjusted the mixture screw and that fixed the idle. 3 1/2turns. It has an extended mixture screw. Is that too much? Feels good.

What do you think about the power numbers?

what is the current jetting?

Was hoping you'd check in here Eddie

155 main jet

EMN needle

clip 4

45 pilot jet

also list riding altitude and dyno altitude

Dyno was at pretty much sea level, riding is usually at sea level and goes up the canyons probably couple thousand feet

Nice, Same set up I am running. So I should be running about the same.

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