Interesting finding after buying an RC EVO Neck Brace

So, I bought an EVS RC EVO neck brace on closeout. I just couldn't pass it up for $90. I know how much these help in crashes is disputed, but I figure it can't hurt. Plus I would be really, really mad at myself if I broke my neck when it could have been prevented for $90. :confused:

Anyway, after 150 miles of trail riding so far this spring I have found another reason to buy one that I haven't read before. When riding through trail whoops, or after making a mistake that throws me around on the bike, I hear my helmet hitting the back of the brace. After riding I have found that my neck and upper back is much less sore with wearing the brace than without.

I think the brace is preventing my neck from getting stretched out too far while just riding down rough sections of trail and through whoops. If it helps when not crashing, it probably will help when I do crash.

I don't notice I even have it on until I hear my helmet hitting it, and it makes me less sore when done riding. What's not to love? :thumbsup:

Been using a EVS brace for over two years now as well as my son. I too have noticed less neck fatigue as the helmet lightly rests on top of the pad. As a matter of fact, I have rubbed two small holes on the top of the pads wear the helmet and brace touch. A couple of pieces of "200 mph tape" were applied directly. I feel naked without it when on the bike now.

+1....:thumbsup: I really like my EVS brace.....I have had a few bad "get offs" racing and felt the helmet hit the pad on the brace.....To me it did its job.......:confused:

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