Recent Stanley pics.


With the cool, wet weather lingering we might be in trouble if it warms suddenly and maybe rains... could be big time flooding. Thanks for the pics!

We are not going to be doing any high elevation riding for a while still.

I dont mean to change the subject, but has anyone been south into Nevada? Is there less snow between Twin Fall and say Wells? I was wondering if the riding there would be any drier/warmer.

I sure hope it warms up soon. When I came back through this morning, the temp on Banner was 7 degrees.

I'm headed up Monday to pitch the hunt at some Steelhead with a fly rod. Now I’m maybe thinking more 'Challis-like' Steelhead. If you happened to head that way on 75 and noticed, how's the river access/flow looking out of Stanley?

Access is good, so is flow. Quite a few fly fishermen right now, from the east fork up to Stanley. Like I said, flow is good (water is clear) been too cold for any run-off.

Thanks for the promising info, B.

Thanks for the photos! . . . waiting for warmer weather

still wintertime above 7000'. check out snotel for snow depths in the popular riding areas.

most of the areas havent lost any snow yet, actually getting more.. its awsome if you have sleds.

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