A little fun on my new XT

Going riding off road tomorrow. Me and the XT250 trying to get in a little practice:ride:



Hope to get some video tomorrow.


Riding went GREAT today!! We went to Wayuhetta(sp.) in Jackson County, NC. What a killer place. 28 miles of easy to quite difficult trails(ATV sized.) TONS of jumps:)

The bike held up remarkably. We rode HARD today! I will have to say that the forks could be better. Not the worst in the world but some bumps and rocks you could really feel it. I never bottomed the bike and had several places that 4-5' of air was the norm with a flat landing. I can honestly say that the bike could ride with anything there, and do it pretty damn well. I am satisfied with the bike.

Wish I could have gotten more/better video but there were very few stretches that you could see any distance with the camera.

I HIGHLY reccomend the pace to anyone.

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That looks/sounds like a great riding area! There is a lot of places to ride around here, but besides a full on MX track, i can't find any decent trails with bumps big enough to get my bike off the ground, much less 4 or 5 feet.

Congrats and have fun on your new bike.


What kinda bike you on? WI is wide open for riding. So I was told by someone.

It really was a great place.


I have an 08 WR250r. Yes, lots of gravel, and dirt roads, just haven't found any trails that have some jumps in them. I can't find anything real challenging, and i'm NOT a good rider, lol. so it wouldn't take much.

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