06 crf250 hard shifting help..??

i dont kno too much about trannys, my friends bike. shift into gear really hard and impossible to get into neutral. any ideas?

Although it's hard to shift into gear and find nuetral, does the bike try to go forward with the clutch pulled in and in gear?

It sounds to me like the clutch is dragging. Does it shift into neutral easily when the motor isn't running? Can you adjust the clutch and take out any free-play in the cable? Is the oil in the transmission too thick? (causing excess drag in the clutch).

My 06 CRF250R shifts into neutral better when it's fully warmed up than when it's cold.


it is easier to get into neutral when the motor isnt runnin but still more difficult than it should be. i adjusted all the cable and i thought it might be the clutch but its not. idk if something is messed up in the tranny or what

When you say difficult to get in neutral, is the shifter physically hard to move to neutral, or does the shifter go from 1st into past neutral and into 2nd?

yea it go past neutral straight to second. and the shift is hard too.

If you clutch is not "dragging" (several causes) and it is difficult to shift with the engine off, then you may have a problem with the shift mechanism. Have someone familiar with your model of bike feel the shifting. If you determine there is a problem you can start by pulling the right side engine cover and look at the shifting assembly.

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