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Alright so here is the problem. I just installed the power up kit on my carb of my 230f. My throttle cables got all screwed up from taking them off to work on the carb. I am new to working on bikes so please bare with me. After trying to put everything back to the way it was my throttle will turn but will not swing back at all. I checked the throttle plate before I plugged the cables back in and the spring was working perfectly fine. I do not know what to do or what to adjust and this is completely frustrating. Especially since the fact it is probably something so easy to fix. This is the only thing standing in my way of riding my bike again. Thanks

You simply need to work your way in reverse of your assembly. At one point you mention the carb returned correctly. At some point something happened to cause the binding. Remove the fuel tank and work your way back until you discover the problem. As you said, it is likely something simple. Good luck!

You could always simplify things by completely removing the RETURN cable as it is not really required:ride:

If you want to keep both cables they are either damaged, trapped or binding against each other and need adjusting

I would remove the throttle tube and see if the cables will pull by hand (one pulls out and pulls the other one in)


See the problem is my dumb ass did not take a look at where everything was adjusted before undoing it all. To be honest I am not even sure how to adjust the throttle cable bolts and stuff even though I tried for a while. The throttle plate with the spring is working fine. Does anybody have a website or a simple guide to look onto to learn how to adjust push/pull throttle cables.

Your problem does not sound like cable adjustment.It sounds like you have something assembled improperly. I would take the cables loose and start over. First make sure that you have the cables in their proper place (pull cable pulling/push cable pushing) and then ck cable routing. Remove the throttle assembly and pull the cables by hand to make sure nothing is binding. Then ck the insert that separates the cables inside the throttle housing (it can be kind of tricky to get it installed properly). Most times problems like this just become a process of elimination. Good luck.

Okay that sounds good. Now if the throttle plate is swinging back with no resistance then that elimates any problems with the slide inside the carb right?

Yes that means the carb is not the problem so you have to just work your way backwards from that point.

Were any changes made to the throttle housing on the handlebar? That thing can get tricky when trying to get the push cable back in place.

So I found out what the problem was. When I pulled back the throttle plate to remove the slide inside the carb to get to the needle, the spring detached and I did not wind it up enough so it did not have a very strong swing back. On top of that the return throttle cable was all frayed close to the end so it must have been getting caught or jammed somewhere. For now I have the return cable completely removed and it has been working perfectly.

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