race tech PDS P10, what's the straight rate equivalent ?

race tech says P10 for the rear, but I think I would rather try a straight rate

which one is it?

SK SPRING 63 x 250 7.6kg

SK SPRING 63 x 250 8.0kg

SK SPRING 63 x 250 8.4kg

SK SPRING 63 x 250 8.8kg

thanks for the help.

edit, now I'm thinking it's 9.2kg ?

Well there is no equivalent.

One is wound straight and the other progressive and therefore will not act even close to another.

What year bike and how much do you weigh in gear??

'11 200 xcw, 215 lbs with gear.

I think I'm just going to call some people monday.

the race tech calculator made the rear confusing, recommends p10,

it says Stock Shock Spring Rate: 8.4 kg/mm, but doesn't give a straight

recommendation , just the list.

are there other calculators besides racetech?

mx-tech.com and motopro.com have them i think

7.6 straight rate would fit you good

and of course .44's in the forks

I have some .44s from my 250sx if you want them

thanks for the offer, I'm just going to wait till monday and call and get everything at once. thanks though.

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