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Yet one more carb question

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Hi All,

I got a 2006 KLX125 for my daughter a while back, I am having a real time with getting it to run decent. Right now it has the stock carb, pipe and airbox. I have cleaned and recleaned the carb several times, checked valves etc and still no joy. I had a Mikuni VM22 I had bought a while back for my sons bike and never used so I thought I would give it a go.

I bought the adapter from BBR to make it work and it hooked up fine and seemed to idle nice and clean only problem is that it has a bog right off idle if the throttle is snapped open....roll it on slow and no problem. I do have a selection of jets to try both mains and pilots in the following sizes:



30(stock in the VM22)







100(stock in the VM22)


If I leave the main at 100 and use a 40 I can get rid of most of the off idle bog but the rpm's hang a bit when you let off. Should I be going the other direction (smaller) or larger than 40. I am at elevation of 4500ft. Any help would be most appreciated ( I have read many posts on the net and really found no solutions) Thanks all.


Also stock carb is the VM20SS with 102.5 main and 17.5 pilot.

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Thanks for direction, that seemed to work pretty good! Runs so much better than the stock carb now. I have not done a test at WOT to check the plug but since my daughter rarely gets out of third I will not do this right way.

So to sum it up in case anyone else might need the info:

VM22 (from sudco)

BBR adapter for carb

Main 100

Pilot 35

Needle second from bottom

Air/fuel screw 2 1/4 out

4250ft elevation

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