what fork oil to use

ok, i am going to be installing new fork seals and some new springs in the next week or 2.I am cheap so no gold valves for me. What is the heaviest weight i can go with and work well with my weight. I am a big guy ! nope, even bigger. What is stock fork oil weight? And what could happen if i go to thick with the oil. I will be ordering the race tech straight rate .80kg fork springs.

as long as your springs are at the rate of your weight dont tinker with the oil wt, thicker oil wt will only harshen the comp and slow the rebound and you wont use the full travel of your susp. most import is to ballance the bike front and rear, do you have the correct spring rate front and rear ? the key is to get the bike perfectly balanced front and rear.

will be doing the rear spring just as soon as i can save money to buy it. just cant dump so much coin into it at once ! the back spring is calling for a 9.6kg.

I agree with 50,use a good 5wt!!!plus you can always find good used heavy springs on ebay or other cycle sites

will heavier springs from other bikes work in the DR? Im replacing my seals soon and would like to know more info about fork oil!

So, 5wt is stock ? that would also be good to know ! Thanks.

Just orderd my springs from Procycle. I have the seals, so I am getting excited.

(thinking when I am done, I will be able to throw that sick wip) :thumbsup:

Stock is 10w.

+1 on 50racerdad about harshness with anything heavier.

so stock is 10w. what difference will it make if I put 15w or 5w in?

OK, I went against what other people said and used 15w in the forks. Have done some dirt with some pretty aggresive hits and the out come has been great. Does not seem to harsh. The springs had the most improvment. But i am above avreage for weight (300lbs) !

OK, I got the procycle rear shock spring put on my bike (8.3kg) and had it out for the first long ride last weekend. This bike is a new bike. I actually got both tire off the ground and it felt great on re-entry ! I still need to re-valve both ends but this will do for now. I do not regret putting in the 15wt fork oil, I think it is working better. I might do the cheap fix for the rear and go up in oil wt also. I would like to thank everyone who replyed and for procycle for there expertice. In july, willl be doing a 2 day trip. Then we will see what it feels like after 2 days in the saddle. I dont think it will be a problem.

Yep. Bung some 10w in the rear and re-gas and it'll help (and be cheap).

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