gopro users quick question

so i know im supposed to run a class 4 card at least, but i have a class 2 card lying around, would it be fine if i use the class 2 card until i can get a class 4 or better?

I think the quality of your video is gonna be kinda crappy, especially with recording in 1080p.

Yep, record in a lower resolution and it will minimize the crappiness but you will want to get a better card.

Basically, using a slower Class 2 card will give you a crappier resolution video because it can't transfer the data onto the card fast enough. Often times, you will wind up with a short high res video that's only like 15 seconds long before the camera has to stop recording. That is why you will have to record in lower res formats.

Using the appropriate class card will yield the highest res video.

Probably have to use the r1 (848x480) setting with the class 2 card, which will give you prety much good quality regular GoPro Hero vids. Pretty sure you'll need a class 4 card to record 720P vids.

I got an 8MB class 4 at Wal Mart, around $18 I think it was, works great for an hour and a half or so of 720P 30fps.

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