motosportz dampner install trouble

well i found a used motosportz dampner for my 08 te 450 for a good price and bought it.first it wouldnt fit with the ims tank,i tried to modify the tank messed that up,so i had to go back to the stock when i put the dampner on the boldts that go thru the bar clamps are too short and there arn't enough threads showing to get the nut on !is this dampner for the txc ?[they dont have the instruments],or am i supposed to go out and buy longer bolts ?thanks. [used parts have no instructions]:thumbsup:

Motosportz sends the correct bolts (longer to accommodate)with his damper kits. I assume since you bought it used the guy that sold it to you did not include those bolts. Yes- go get longer bolts.

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