How to make a seat lower(step seat)?


My son is a little too short for his new KTM 85 XC. I adjusted the spring on the rear shock, but is still too tall for him. I'm thinking to shave down the seat a little and make it a step seat. What's best tool to cut the foam, also what other tools should I use? Please help!


my wives bread knife worked for me - just don't tell her

also you can use an electric fillet knife

I hear good things about the double bladed electric turkey cutter knives. I think an insulation knife or bread knife would work good.

Thank you guys!

Just did mine yesterday,i used an electric knife to cut foam just take ur time and do a little at a time,also used a palm sander to smooth out foam after the cutting worked great got a nice smooth seat after sanding the foam down.

Best tool I've used is 4" angle grinder. You can shape it with the grinder. Just use gentile touch.

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