Does anyone make 23mm offset triple clamps with provisions for an underbar stabilizer

Hey guys, last year i purchased a gpr v4 under-bar stabilizer set up, now i want to swap my stock 25mm offset 05 yz triple clamps for some 23mm like rg3's or even 22.5 if necessary. My question is does anyone make these? all i find are stock offset clamps with stabilizer provisions, and correcting offset clamps without any stabilizer mounting options up top due to the width of the handlebar clamps. if somebody knew you would be a savior, I'm really tired of eating it on flat/off camber turns thanks! ....also I'm a seasoned tig welder/fabricator so if any triple clamp mods are known i can likely pull it off, but i worry about tampering with such an important component in a way it's not engineered for without any wisdom involved.

I think Scotts had some leftovers, I got one of the last 22.5's

for the steel frames a couple months ago from them. (the stops are different)

Either that or call BRP and Applied as they sometimes have leftovers not on the sites.

I hadn't thought to call the manufactures, I'll have to do that, thanks!

now that i know about the ohlins i would have bought it for the convenience, there isn't a huge price gap between the v4 and it, but i had buddies with v4's and liked the setup and knew they worked so i opted for it. now since i already own it there is no sense in buying another new damper. I really wish i looked to see that there were offset clamps tailored to under-bar dampers... i just assumed that was common sense considering most riders that would utilize offset clamps probably don't want to impale themselves on the over bar damper when they case a jump. If i had a cnc mill i would start producing my own lol

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