Frankenbike - XR/XL 500 motor in a twinshock MX frame????

any inmates have any experience in dropping an XR/XL 500 frame into a twinshock MX frame (70's or early 80's type)?



want learn from the experts who have tread where I am choosing to go....



Well, not a 500. But my grandfather put an SL125 motor in a Husky 125 chassis. The one thing besides engine mounts is flipping the rear wheel and setting up a rear brake to run from one side to the other.


I race with several guys that have 4 stroke Japanese motors in Maico frames. Ones a DR400 in a 77 MC400 frame and the other is an XR600 in a 82 250 frame.

Having done it I wouldn't choose again any twinshock Maico frame/ DR engine. The first is too restrictive at the carb, the other too tall a lump. Lots of engines, likely including the DR, will go into the roomier Husky frames, as did the TT500 to make the first HL

Another good fit is to shoehorn the XR250/500 motors into the circa 1980 Kawasaki KLX frame. I doubt the thin spoked wheels would put up with a 500 and the fork is nice but only 36mm, nevertheless the frame is a chromoly peach originally from the 78 KX125. Would be overpowered by a full race Honda though. In the UK the modified lumps are outpowering aircooled Husky 4 strokes with somewhere between 50 and 60 bhp

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