Picacho Peak Ride - Sunday


Change of plans. No Picacho Peak sunday. Heading to Wildcat instead. Meeting at 6:00AM. Stands up at 6:30AM.

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Change of riding locations.

Hey, do you ride out there on state trust land, or just ride there and back, I'm curious, cant go this time, but maybe sometime, I have ridden out there before, just not out to there..............


I phoned Pinal Sheriff and the officer stated we are good to go. Also my buddy ran in to a Game n Fish officer and he said it was all cool to ride. OHV required but that's it. SO, we truck the moto's out and ride trails out there. Sort of a hidden secret. Secret until now. :thumbsup:

Dam wish I could go. Work just came up. Let me know how it is and if yougo again. Haven't been out at all since I moved here. 

Change of plans. Due to those that are coming we decided to head to Wildcat in North Scottsdale. 6:00AM to meet. Kickstands up at 6:30. See you there!

Just curious, are you riding from the North down to Picacho or from the South up?

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