Quickshot, Jetting Kit, or Scary Fast Power Now Valve for more throttle response?

Ok, I now have a legit question. My friend told me to get a quickshot to increase the throttle response on my 2006 CRF250X, but it seems everyone on here supports a jetting kit. What separates these three? Which one is best, and if the jetting kit is the way to go, which one to get and the other mods I need to do for it....

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If you jet the bike along with the AP mod and open air box (ccc mods)you will have a completly different bike. I have not tried the quickshot, but last week end I rode a 250x with the power now and it still had far less get up and much slower throttle response than my bike with all ccc mods (minus the r cam).

mr scratch is right...my bikes is jetted with the AP mod done and the ccc mods as well and i can pull 3rd gear wheelies with ease

Buy the JD jetting kit - makes it all so much easier :thumbsup:

actually with a little resurch on TT you can rejet for about 20$ and have the same results as opposed to the 70$jet kit,for the peeps that have a tight buget

The jet kit has a custom tapered needle. That combined with the ap mod worked great for me.

the jet kit makes it easier pluss it has the custom needle, just sayin if you dont want to spend the money you can do a little extra finger work on the forum and come up with the proper combo...the AP mod will do the same thing as the quick shot

Ok so it sounds I am going with a jet kit. It looks like everyone suggests the JD Jet kit so I am gonna go with that. What is the AP mod and CCC mod?

1st jet your bike for perfect steady state running

2nd, adjust the AP. Do either the oring mode, stiffer AP cam spring or wire the linkage(Confirm it does not bind). Set/erst the AP timing to the manual follow the procedure EXACTLY, do not think you know better. Next, see what size leak jet you are running. Most prefer a 60 or as small as a 40 (smaller is richer) Finally, ride the bike NORMALLY. If a bog is still present, adjust the AP timing, typically, 1/2 turn CCW and no more than 2 turns. Do not rev the bike from idle to test, ride it like it is meant to be ridden.

Ok so it sounds I am going with a jet kit. It looks like everyone suggests the JD Jet kit so I am gonna go with that. What is the AP mod and CCC mod?

The jd jet kit comes with instructions and the oring to mod your accelerator pump. The CCC mod is basicly just opening up the airbox. Cut the top off the airbox on the lines molded into the top. Should be a bout a 4x4 hole when your done.

if you have a plumbers torch{or any torch for that matter}and a utility knife,heat the knife blade and make the cuts,very clean and easy way of doing that mod

I believe that all the things you asked about will improve performance. In order of increase, the JD jet kit would bring the most, then the quickshot larger fuel reservoir, then the power now. I have all 3 that I scrounged around for and found from guys getting different bikes so I have about $50 total in all three parts.

Each piece will do what it does better than the stock part it replaces. the AP mod works well, but it works better with the larger fuel reservoir that the quickshot offers.

At full price, the only one I really think is worth the money is the jet kit.

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