I don't think this is normal

I've had this 06 for about 2 years now and have had this happening to me since I first got it. When I go to kick start the bike sometimes (not very often maybe once every third time I take it to the track) in mid kick the kick starter will go to a dead stop.I mean once it stops I can try to put all my weight on it to try to get it to go through to stroke and it will not budge. Now if I let off on it right as it hits a dead stop and then apply pressure to it with my foot it will follow all the way through the stroke. This is just really weird as if an internal part is broken and every now and then it gets lodged into 2 rotating parts and jams them up. Like I said this has been going on for 2 years and through that time it hasn't gotten worse nor better. What do ya'll think it might be.

If it starts and runs, I'd say that your problem is with the kick start gear.

Well it sounds like the kickstart gear might be getting hung up on the idler gear.. as you depress the kickstart is engages a mechanism that pushes the kickstart gear outward where it can then engage the idler gear that engages the clutch main gear down to the primary gear thus turning the crank.. anyways if that kickstart gear is off by a little bit it can lock itself against the idler gear..

mine does this as well. not very often and has never gotten worse. i just roll the bike a bit and do the same thing you do and it gets past it.

Sorry it took so long to get back to this, I had a weekend get away near Houston at an old school track called Rio Bravo. Anyway after I posted my question to ya'll I really got to thinking about the problem and first off want to apologize for wasting ya'lls time to answer this question because after I got to thinking about it I figured the kick starting assembly is is the only thing it could be. I haven't dug into it yet because I'm pretty darn sore from the weekend,but will in the next couple of days. Thanks for the input and from now on I think I will put some thought into troubleshooting a problem and then turn to a forum if I can't figure it out rather than run to a forum at the first sign of trouble. Thanks again.

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