Dirty Trail Tech

I am setting my DRZe, up for a 100 mile dualsport run. At this point here in Ohio it looks to be a Mudfest. First question, will my trailtech system handle the nasty mud conditions? My biggest concern is the magnetic sensor at the front wheel. Any and all mud set ups will be helpfull. I usually say Keep it on one wheel, but this may not be possible for this event. See me at the Hanging Rock 200. If any of you TTers are riding this event, stop by my race trailer and say hay! My rig says Kawasaki Drag Racing/Amsoil on it. It looks to be a heck of alot of fun. Mitch :thumbsup:

I put my vapor through some mud and it held up fine. Another day I was cleaning the bike and I lost it for a couple of hours. Go figure.

mitchp - I have the Vapor trail teck for over 3 years, open trailer, mud ,snow, rain, and I power wash the bike with the the vapor on it, ( even give the vapor a light spray) the wheel magnic is stainlesss steal wont rust, I have the one that gos were the brake rotor bolt should be and all is well,

mud fest,,, its rained here for about 2 weeks, your going to need a snorkle and flippers! well at least it stopped snowing,,,

cant make that ride, but getting ready for the Allegeny Nation Foest, do u ride there?

Yeah ..mine hasn't let me down yet...my E was ridden,1/2 submerged it water and the sensor didn't fail......

Hey Mitch...."Keep it on one wheel"....:thumbsup:.:confused:

I got stuck riding in the pouring rain on the road. Road for about an hour in the rain, then it sat in the rain for nearly 2 hours, then rode about an hour home in a downpour.

Vapor and bike did great. Me, not so much. I don't think I've ever been that cold.


The sensor at the wheel end is no problem unless it get damaged, and that would be pretty hard to do.

If you have an Endurance model, the weakest point is the two electrical contacts on the back. Keep them clean.

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