My sweet Afghanistan ride

So i figured i might as well use this as a right proper intro thread as well, Originally from Cali (beautiful places to ride-dirt or street) joined the army and now reside in Clarksville, TN for the last 5 years (give or take a couple in Afghaniland).

Looking to get back into motorcycles-started when i was 14ish and inherited a barn bike 1979.5 (yes, they made that year) Honda CT90, yellow. slapped a new ($350) carb on it because I was scared to take things apart and rocked it for about a year before i totaled it (slammed into a 4 wheeler that did a turn and a half infront of me and flipped the bike, bending the front forks, punching the tank and warping the front wheel) then bought a 19-something -something Honda fat cat 80 for $50 off a neighbor. Engine siezed a few months after, and again i was scared to take it apart. Rode a borrowed kawi 125 something for about another year before i just stopped riding (didnt make enough to buy another bike and take college, that i stopped going to anyway to enlist)

Anyway, fast forward to now and the wife said i've got $3000 to buy a bike when i get back to the US. Still undecided between an SV and a DR, 650 each. But figured i might as well become active here (because DS riding looks fun fun)

In the meantime, got my self a 100% free bike to ride around Khandahar-behold the Pacific Hill Assault :thumbsup:


Mods include:

Rear brake removed -$0

Fwd gear change device and lever removed -$0

Reflective frame tape -$0

Gel seat (not pictured, replaced custom seat) -$20

Tactical Day/Night/NVG headlight (not pictured, IR capable) -$0

LED tail light -$7

Soon to come:

Drag bars

New tires

Shes also got full suspension (non adjustable front fork, adjustable rear shock-preload only)

So what do ya'll think? pretty isn't she?

that bike looks kind of familiar.....

thanks for the laugh! and thanks for your service! Congrats to all u guys over there on getting Bin Laden. keep up the good work and stay safe! impressed u are man enough to admit that wife gave the go ahead!lol Just had to do the same myself a plated xr650r for 2500. rode a few bikes and the reliability,versatility, and most importantly the fun factor for the $ cant be compared to the others in my opinion.

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