any reason to keep passenger peg holes?

Pretty much as the title states, I removed my passenger pegs. Is there any reason not to cut off and grind down the mounting brackets that are welded to the frame?

heres a pic before i removed the peg:


Nope. Just slice Em off and touch it up. Should be fine.

Nope. Just slice Em off and touch it up. Should be fine.

thx, just what i wanted to do:)

pm sent to "DanAlen"

I have Wolfman soft saddle bags. The frame uses the foot peg tab on the left side. I don't remember where the right side fastens.

So, if you ever sell and the potential buyer wants bags and knows enough to look, you have lost a sale.

I had removed my pegs as well and used the peg eliminator that craigo was referring to and it worked very well. Fortunately i did not cut the mount off, because my daughter likes to take rides with me all the time. If your never going to be carrying a passenger then you might want to save the money to buy something else for your bike. :confused:

Mike :thumbsup::worthy:

I kept the existing bracket on the right side, but cut it down clean for use as the exhaust mount. Touched it up with black paint and it looks great. No need to buy anything.

I cut the right hand peg brachet in half so I still have the exhaust mount.



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