need suggestions on new bike,cant decide

since ive won my case,received a years worth of back pay the wife gave the go ahead on another bike. im narrowed it down to 2 bikes. im looking for pro/con of each. i mostly ride around town and rip around the lake.

-2003 ktm 525 exc. this was adult owned (54yr old guy) and it cherry. comes with both SM wheel sets/tires AND dirt tires/wheels. also has a set of plastics for street and one for dirt. has many basic up grades.

-2007 husky smr510. power up kit and new tires. clean and runs good. had the famous"garage drop" but everything else checks out. im a hard core ktm guy but open to the husky.

510's are nice, or maybe husaberg 570, or the new tm 660 whch is a 660 shoehorned into 450 frame, nice looking bike. cant go wrong with the 525 but

Either 1 is a great bike. The question comes down to whether you want/need the extras the KTM comes with or not.

Either 1 is a great bike. The question comes down to whether you want/need the extras the KTM comes with or not.

need,no. its not an issue of money either,just want the best bang for buck. i really like the way the husky feels,nimble i guess.

either one i get theres one thing ill need,a wider bar. something 32-33".

Well, I just noticed you live in Cali, you might check and make sure the KTM can keep it's plates. I'm not from Cali, but I see lots of posts about plating issues with converted dirtbikes in Cali. In '03, the 525EXC was not a factory 50 state legal bike. The Husky is a 50 state legal bike, so that's a non-issue with that bike.

Im from airzona and just bought a brand new 2011 husaberg fe570s tryied to talk to sum cali dealers they wouldn't even call me back i drove over 300 miles and pick mine up in tucson performence cycles what ever u dew dont by a husaberg there junk mine has a hour on it and the tail pipe melted the turnsignal the back tire rip the license plate off turnsignal lens fell off and the fuel pump fail all in one hour so eather buy a honda or dnt buy one at all lol........really bro i love my honda glad the wife didnt make me sell my 250f love it to death...

I think both bikes would be great bikes! It probably will come down to what you are most comfortable on!

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