cr-80 seized up. need help please!

so i was riding top gear along highway home from trails and i went to slow down and let the engine brake for me but when i went down a few gears the throttle wouldnt respond and my bike( honda cr 80 2002) seized up and wouldnt start again, the kickstart wont budge and it wont clutch start either the back wheel just locks, so i checked the oil and stupid me hadnt changed it in a while and it had a tiny bit but honestly its was prety much empty:bonk::thumbsup:

i dont know too much about bikes and was hoping somebodycould pleaseexplain to me how to fix it and how much it will probably cost and anything else


well, it sounds like you are going to be tearing down your engine soon. on a 2 stroke the oil in the motor is only for the gearbox, it has nothing to do with the piston or the crank(that is why you mix the gas with oil). anyway, when the engine on a 2 stroke is spinning faster than idle and you are not giving it gas it is possible to seize the engine. so you will most likely have to rebuild both the top and bottom end, but it shouldnt be too bad. get yourself a sevice manual and take it one step at a time and stay organized so you know where every single part goes.

You've at least seized the piston to the cylinder. Might have ruined the crank too. Using the engine braking like you did is a classic way to seize a 2-stroke. Tough lesson learned there. Once you get it running again, when you need to slow from top speed, pull in the clutch and use your brakes.

thanks guys:) looks like il be more careful braking and taking care of my bike from now on

i have a manual on my laptop if its any help. if you could tell me how to send it i wouldnt mind. it might help you.

1. wristpin is seized

2. crank bearing is seized

3. rod bearing is seized

4. the sky's the limit

unless you are pretty mechanically inclined, i would sell it to someone who knows how to fix stuff

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