200 XC Low End Setup

I hesitate to start a new thread regarding this, but the more I read, the more undecided I become.

On Tuesday I joined the "200 club" (2006 KTM 200 XC). I am in the process of setting it up for my type of riding and conditions. I am coming off of a WR250 and the low end is good for the type of riding I do. I mostly ride trails, often with slow technical "boulders" such as found in the Rocky Mountains, Moab, etc. My elevation is 4,000ft to 10,000ft and if I was to pick an elevation to set everything to, I would choose about 6,000ft. Temp is 60 to 90 in the summer, but usually around 80.

My current carb settings are below. I have only test rode the bike, so I can't say it is working great, but it seemed to be fine with no oil drip from the exhaust.

Needle: NOZE

Slide: 6.5

MJ: 172

PJ: 45

I have gathered from my reading that I definitely need to replace the needle and this is where I have become undecided. Most of the references on this site are Sudco needles and I think I have started to understand their letter correlations, but the "other" KTM site often references much different needle letters that I am not clear on. I was thinking a DDK would work well for me, but I would like others thoughts. And after I chose a needle should I adjust the jets as well? I recognize that trial and error will be needed, but I would like to start as close as possible.

Also, any recommendations for a good starting point for the power valve? The Langston does not seem to be very popular for the slow technical stuff.

Also, I plan to stick with the stock gearing (14/48) and would like to get the jetting and power valve adjusted well before I consider a FWW, throttle cam, or auto-clutch.

Sorry for the long post, but any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.



well DDK is not a bad place to start. I liked the JD blue better for me, it had a little more hit, not quite as smooth as the DDK. I wanted to try a DCL DCJ but never got to it cuz the blue worked so well. Others are Honda needles like 1369, n such. The PV I also liked with more hit than the Langston. I set mine to about the middle and it had me getting the front wheel up when I wanted it to. But I also had a FWW and a Rekluse at the end. Rekluse is great for rocks n roots, but dont need for other stuff.

We are running the DDK in our 200s with 38 mm carbs like yours and the honda needle on out 09 200 . All with great results .

DDK - 3rd clip

45 pj

178 mj

1 1/2 out on air screw

Off road technical riding and HS racing - works good .

Works good at sea level to 4-5000 ft with air screw adj .

Temps 50s - 70s



I am in the same boat as you.. buy an assortment of needles, take the advice on here, but at the end of the day it will come down to what you like in terms of power delivery..

the advice on here is varied, but there are varying opinions on what works best because each rider has different tastes..:thumbsup:

Thanks for all the feedback. I am excited to get this thing put back together and ride it!


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