Now have a KX250 and KX65 and want to say hello

I'm thinking this is the roght place.

I was looking for one of these users groups/forum type sites to ask questions and learn. I have one for my RC plane hobby and it is very helpful to have a community to share ideas and experiences.

I signed up to Kawi Talk....but doesn't see to be much activety there.

So. CooHead here. I just bought a 1991 KX250 and 2004 KX65 for my boy. $1600 for the pair. They both run good enbough so far (just got them last weekend and had an Easter prty get in the way of our yard tear-up session).

But we are going to get out there again today after breakfast. :thumbsup: Looking forward to it. I can see our 5-acre lot is going to get pretty small pretty quickly with these real dirt bikes. He WAY out grew the PW50. At some point he will get the hang of the clutch. I told him to at least try to throw a finger over it from time to time.

So. Just wanted to introduce ourselves.

One question. My 1991 KX250 is weeping oil from behind the drive sproket. Is that a big deal to replace/repair? Can I do it from outside? Or...have to take the whole motor apart and do it from inisde. For today I'll just top off the oil in the crank case. My question(s): What wieght oil in there? 10-30 style for just messing around? Or some 90weight gear oil? ANd...the little site glass window to see the oil level in there?: Should the oil be covering the whole window? Half way up? to the bottom of?

Thnaks anybody and everybody that takes the time to say hi or answer or advise.

Hope there is more activty here than that KawiTalk site.


Look at that all wordy post number one



Halfway up the sight glass should be fine. 10w30 will be fine, as long as it's wet-clutch specific. The counter-shaft seal (behind your sprocket), is easy to change from the outside.

congrats on the bikes :thumbsup:

Oh man...look at that. I register and post and have breakfast and there is already a repsonse here to my question.


This is kind of like how RC Groups works. There are literally millions of us on there and you can ask a specific question on a plane or motor or servo or battery (if you have the right thread) and get some good feedback in a matter of minutes and/or hours.

I've been on there for years. Started asking questions and now I answer them for people as I know what I'm doing in that hobby.

This MX stuff?.....I'm at the asking stage.

I had mini bikes and dirt bikes all the way up to a KX250 when I was a kid HighSchool. Never raced, just ran around the farmers fields. That old air cooled KX250 was like 1984 or something...was their anniversary editions with gold colored rims. Drum brakes style twin shock. This 1991 250 is way better. Still not all new, but good enough for me for now. I'm 47 now and three kids and the one middle boy likes this stuff.

We have ATVs and snowmobiles and such. I always wanted another light 2-stroke. I have an XT600 that is a pig, but at least steet legal. WAY more miles on the rear tie than the front. Some say it's a great bike to strap down the suspension and put ice tires on and race around when the water is hard. Good motor that one is...but big and heavy.

So. $1600 seemed like a good deal on these. They came from the same family and weree taken care of. Bought a couple hundred dollars more of boots and pants and chest protectors. Now gotta go out and make our track a bit bigger as it doesn't allow for anything more than 1st and 2nd gear.

Thanks for the input there EndJulie


Welcome to the site!

Welcome to the forum, and the wonderful world of Green bikes.

If you plan on keeping the bikes for a while, a Kawi service manual for both is a great investment. Costs a little up front, but pay for themselves many times over.

Take some pictures of the new bikes and post 'em up too. We like pictures.:thumbsup:

OK Billy of the Hill.

A Kawi service manual or Climers seems like a good idea.

I'll post a pic...and a vid.

We post a lot of pics & vids on our RC planes....I can figure out how to do it here too.

As the sun was setting and we were making foil pack meals on the fire in the back yard. "we" took the KX65 for "one more roost". I was so proud of watching my boy BrodyBlue ripping around "our track".

We rode a bunch today. He wiped out good in the corn stubble. Was wrong to go back there as the ground is goose-snot slippery. As I tried to turn around, hoping he didn't follow me (only has had it for a week)...I saw him face plant over the bars. Washed out the front tire that was totally caked with wet clay. At least the ground was soft to catch him.

Some tears...but road it home :thumbsup:

We are pretty rural out here.

Was SOOOOooooo fun. I know I can do this. Maybe not like i could when I was 20something. Or, maybe not like a 20something guy can. But....I think I want to race.


Going to see if I have any pics

Edited by CooHead

So. Nothing huge here for you....but it is for us:


And....going the other way.

I'll make a better vodeo tomorrow.

It's only 12 it and remember when you were where we were.


Looks like you two are gonna have some good fun!

Oh man did I have fun today?!

Rode it for another 6-8 minutes (till I couldn't hang on any longer).

Ripped around my same track around the house (there is no sense in trailering them somewhere yet).

It sorta felt a little bit more controlable. Like not so toggle switch acceleration. Just seems it screams so nice and loud at WOT and kinda gurgly at anything less than. (maybe I should strap on the noggin cam and ride it around once for you guys to see...and hear).

But now I'm in 2nd most of the time, save the twisty bits in the trees. I even go over our "table top" in second NP (it's like 30" tall 6' long :thumbsup: ). I trust the front tire traction more as I push it through turns. I trust the rear traction more when it steps out a bit under acceleration, it wont totally spin out (well it a l m o s t did on the old gravel drive...pea gravel=ball bearings). I trust that when the front tire lifts a bit under acceleration, I can counter steer and stay in it and it wont loop out on me.

I've read here to either jump sitting or standing, but not a squat little combo. I've read to grip with the thighs more. I've read that I don't need, or should bother with the clutch, most of the that twisty section in the trees that is like 1-2-3 MPH. I've read and can see that if you (I) pivot it into and through a rutted corner under power...its faster and more secure than gliding.

To "tractor it" around corners? What is that? Kind of let it chug low RPS, engaged, in a low a tractor :confused:

But today's 15 laps gave me a glimmer of hope and sight to see I can, and will, be able to ride this thing.


Welcome to the forum. Congratulations on the bike purchases.

The Kawasaki site shows the parts diagrams (microfiche). Look under Owner Info, then Parts Diagrams. There is usually a seal, collar and o-ring or two. Pop the master link, then use circlip pliers to get the circlip off. Needle nose pliers will get the collar off. A hook can be used to get the o-ring and seal out. Replace the seal, o-ring and collar.

There are some other threads from people with similar problems on older models. It is pretty common. I have had to do it on one of mine. Look around and you can learn more about this and other issues.

Good luck and have fun.

So. Since this is my own little thread:

The boy got off the bus and wanted to try on his new (used) pants, boots and chest protector. Strapped it on and fired up the little KX65.

I only had my phone, so lame 15 second video. looks like he is getting the hang of it.

I'l strap on the noggin cam and do a lap so you can see our whole "around the house circuit". It aint much. We are no experts. He came from a PW50 and ATVs we have mostly for plowing and carrying firewood and such. But I told him: "Some more practice around the house and I'll take him to the local Off Road Park where we can rip around with a little more room.


Dangit...can't figure out how to inport a quick vid to photobucke from my phone. A couple cruddy pics will have to suffice. (not sure anybody is reading this thread anyhow)



A quick lap around the house and then a quick front wheel wash out. least he is using the front break...and learning how much it'll take :thumbsup:


Awsome! looks like you guys are having a blast!

Heck yea we are having fun.

Those weren't the kids best laps either.

While planting flats of flowers today, had the hose out, so washed my new (old) bike.

Looks pretty good for 20+ years old....if I do say so myself.

I'll post a pic here tomorrow when it's sunny out (I hope).


Memories, this takes me back to when I was around 8 or so riding a 1977 YZ80.

So. Nothing huge here for you....but it is for us:


It might just be an aspect thing but you look really small on that kx250.

I remember getting my first biek ever, i was in fourth grade, got a 2001 jr 80 for christmas. There was no snow on the ground even though it was 25 degrees out. Wore a dirt oval in the yard around the house and my dad was not thrilled. I was so excited i had a bike finally I rode it for HOURS.

A couple pics since I cleaned it.




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