EFI PROGRAMMER 2011 kx450f

I finally got a chance to try out the programmer tool on my 450. To start with the instructions are crap. They don't even show the correct leads for the 2011, only the older ones. I could get the program to load on my windows 7 machine, but not the driver. I had an old lap top that had XP and it worked fine with that. There is a new lead that has two plugs on it and both will hook into the bike's harness. The one that works is the one on the side of the lead, not the one on the end. I had it plugged first and it wouldn't recognize my bike. When you hook up the battery, you can hear the fuel pump start. I kept thinking what am I burning up with this thing. Once you get everything figured out it is not hard to use and you could change a map in 5 or 10 minutes. I loaded the soft track map to start with and will try it out this weekend. It advanced the timing and leaned out the fuel a little. Just starting it in the shop, it sure sounded crisp! I'll report back after I ride it.

Couple quick questions; did you have to use the adapter kit? Kawasaki's website says it's needed, but the instructions that came with the kit says the adapter kit is only needed for the 250F. I bought it just in case, but would be a bummer if it wasn't needed. Also, can you upload the 2010 map into the 2011 with the calibration kit? Seems everyone likes that map better, but I'm curious if that is just comparing stock map to stock map. I would think with the calibration kit you could upload a map that is better than the 2010 stock map on a 2011 bike. Thanks in advance and I look forward to your ride results.

The new kit does not need the adapter it seems. When you look at the picture in the 2011 Kaw catalog it shows the new lead and a foot note says that it is a new part. If you have the old kit, then you may need it. Not sure about the 2010 map. When it recognized my ECU it showed all zeros as the stock map. The other maps either advance or retard the timing and richen and lean the fuel. I guess the values it shows may be based on the stock map, so I'm not sure if the soft track on the 2011 is the same as the 2010 soft map. I went back to my stock pipe with the soft track setting and it added a lot of punch, but didn't pull as hard on top as with the FMF pipe. I'm going to try the FMF again with the hard track setting to start with as I feel it would have too much hit with the FMF and soft track map. Kinda fun to play with this and not hard once I figured out how to use it.

mx317 what pipe do you have I was thinking of getting a fmf megaboom full system on my 2011 just wondering you said it took low end away

The FMF didn't take any low end away. That thing pulls hard everywhere! Maybe a little too hard sometimes. What I meant by adding punch was when I ran the stock pipe and stock map and then changed to the soft track map, that added punch. It would probably be too much for me with the FMF mega bomb and soft track map. I'm going to put the FMF back on and try the hard track map. I just like to tinker to try and find that perfect power if it exists.

Well you were right, no adapter kit is necessary. I'm having the dealer call Kawasaki and see if they will return the adapter kit since Kawasaki's website states it is needed (it was a special order part and there are no returns on special orders). Instructions were crap, but I finally figured everything out. Amazing how simple it is to install, yet the instructions are horrible at explaining how to do it. I uploaded the Hard map and it ran pretty awesome. I have less than 2 hour ride time on my bike, so more experimenting is needed before I settle on what I think is best. Took it out to the track today for a couple hours of riding...man I'm out of shape! Been 3 years since I was last on a motocross track. I'm excited for this summer, should be a good year to ride and get back in the saddle. The fuel injection on these bikes is amazing. Night and day difference from a carb'ed bike (at least for me). Thanks again for the post. I'll try to update my ride reports as they come. Jason.

load in the soft terrain map and hold on to your shorts.

I have the kit that was for my 09,I got an 11 last fall,Do I need a adapter or can I just use what I got????????

You need a different adapter for the 11 (from what I read). When you get it send me a PM and I'll buy your 09 adapter.

I have the calibration kit as well. I ran the soft track map with fmf and i really like it, but it does lose traction often and has NO top end power. Next I ran the hard track map, but didn't like it as much. Now I installed the stage 2 hotcams and am running the stock map. I reeeaaaalllly like the bike now. It has really nice low and top end.

However, I do know that I can get more from this thing. I just need a dyno or something.

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