2002 crf450r Hot start issues

When I ride my 450 it for the most part is beastly compared to most, just had my valve clearance done by NCHM about 5 engine hrs ago and my carb was cleaned out. But if the bike stalls out on me or my buddies... It takes about 100 kicks to get it going again. Now the compression feels normal, i've tried to use hotstart, even as far as choking it while hot. No success. If I ride it and I shut it off properly I have no issue starting it again without hot start. But if I use the hot start it wont start til I release it. I bought it off a guy who said it's top end was rebuilt and I have put probably 40hrs on it since I bought it. From cold the bike always starts within 3 kicks. Any ideas or suggestions?

If you bumpstart it, does it idle and run perfectly? Your intake valves may be giving up.

By the time you have to shim it, you are on borrowed time.

I dont understand "bumpstart" but it has a slightly low idle. Other than that I have absolutely no complaints about it. I've been reading that alot of people have had issues with a intermittent kill switch... I'll have to look into it. I will also be replacing the valves soon anyway they are on their last legs.

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