Checking Valves on 04 CRF450R

Are there any tools (angled Feeler Gauges or Straight for example) that make the job easier? What tips can you guys provide for doing the first inspection on the bikes I just bought?

Neither bike have an hour meter on them. Bike #1 has no more then 10 actual hours on it after looking everything over. Bike #2 has seen more but no way to tell. Can you sort of gauge the hours by they amount of lash in an untouched engine? Generally speaking, how thick are the valve shims on a stock engine (I am sure it varies just just trying to get an ideal)?


PS. I have the manuals but am just looking for added tips.

not trying to be a smart ass.. really.. but there is a ton of info on checking valves on a crf450 doing a few searches (more ways you type the search the more info you will get). There is a "help checking valves" thread every week. Will likely get everything you need without having to wait on someone to post exactly what your looking for.

I did a search and two pages didnt find the information I was looking for!

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Bent gauges make it a little easier. Yes. No shim is stock they are all different.

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