98 rm125 headache

So we try to get my friends bike running after all winter sitting in the shed. I put new gas in and it fires right up no problem. I take it around the block once and I notice its really struggling to get fuel. I pull the carb off and it looks good. I cleaned it up anyway and put it back together. still the same thing. seems like its getting very little fuel. What else could it be? any ideas? Oh and the top end only has like six light riding hours on it so i assume its not internal

Did you clean the jets with carb cleaner and compressed air to make sure the passages were all clear? Is the powervalve operating correctly? How are the reeds? Freshly cleaned/oiled air filter? How recently was the silencer repacked?

make sure a mouse didnt set up shop in the airbox over the winter, chewed wires, chewed air filter, poop n pee

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