di i do the rightr thing 2 vs 4

i reacently purchest a 06 yz 450 with rekluse im only in the beginner class i started mx 2 seasons ago "about one season of actual racing" i started on 01 250 2 stroke the up graded to 05 250 4stroke but seems like not enough power. is my thinking correct im def. faster on the 4 stroke 250.but i thought i could handle the 2 stroke power just fine.

01 250 2 stroke top 12 or so out of 40

05 250 4 stroke top 5 out of 40

06 450? any tip are greatly appr.

Your corner speed is going to most likely suffer with the 450. That much power makes you lazy.

I'm much slower around a track on a 450 than I am on my 250f because on the 250f you need to concentrate on carrying speed everywhere. On the 450 you can turn, point and shoot then 2 seconds later crap your pants and let off the throttle way too early before the next corner.

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