Gas tank reserve mileage???

Any one know how many miles you can get out of your stock gas tank on an xr 400 when you have to flip it to reserve???????

I am afraid to run it to reserve because I don't know if it will get me home 5 miles, 10 miles, 15 miles?????????

Anyone ever mileaged it out???

:thumbsup: I ran my xr400 on reserve between 5-10 miles to the gas station just last week....i would also be curious to know how far the reserve fuel could get you..:confused:

There is a reserve after the reserve. There's half a reserve tank on the right side of the tank. Lay the bike over on it's left side and it will run over to the petcock side.

As far as how many miles, how are you riding. WOT, putting, first, second, third gear, mostly fourth and fifth?

I wonder how far the reserve after the reserve will get you???:thumbsup:

Of course if I am on reserve and wanting to make it back I would be riding as to get the best mileage to make it home, not rodding on it all the way back!!!!!!!!!:confused:

My point is 25 miles on a level hard top road is not the same distance as 25 miles in the woods, on single track, in the sand, up hill both ways in the snow. something like that,

I usually ride dirt roads, or on the side of main roads. :thumbsup:

Where you at in Michigan??? I am near Clare in central michigan.

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My owners manual says .4 US gallons left in reserve. If I baby it I can get 40, maybe 45 miles to the gallon. Thats about 17 miles or so.

I'm up here out in the burbs of Interlochen.

awesome so there is .4 gallons. and the tip the bike to the left really works, sweet. So i could expect about 15-17 miles, not bad. Grand Traverse county is nice. Awesome smallmouth fishing too. I also lived in Manistee for 5 years.

Ever ridden the ORV trail in Wolverine??? There are monster hills up there so I figure that the trails would be fun for the torque monster hill climbing xr4. I gotta get up there this year.:thumbsup:

GT is nice, but I'm trying to get to the UP. Never ridden the Wolverine trails but from your description they sound like something I’d like to try. There's hills here but they're far and few between. Lots of sand. I hate sand and I used to live down in Mears... you know, Silver Lake. Got my first broken bone there and I was like 50 years old then. Collar bone on an endo coming down the big hill. Could have been killed because I remember seeing the 500 pounds of Honda, over my head, coming down right at me. It missed. New front wheel, new left fork tube, new swing arm, I don't like sand.

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