What Pipe Should I buy

I have to buy a new pipe for my 1999 rm 250. I typically ride trails mostly technical single track, at elevations of 6-10,000'. I am looking for something that will give me a little more bottom end so I can lug the bike better. I currently have a pro circuit forest service approved silencer. Any input is appreciated.

I would go with the FMF, I have seen these pipes for this year brand new selling for a little over $100 - brand new.

With the economy not going anywhere and fuel prices up high, take advantage of the deals, I don't see things 'changing' anytime soon unless people vote in 2012...

fmf gnarly

I am assuming that it will work fine with a pro circuit silencer?

Yes, an aftermarket or OEM pipe should work fine with a pro-circuit silencer.

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