WR 426 oil pressure problem

Keep in mind that the Yamaha's use a "low pressure" oil system. All the bearings with the exception of a couple of cam bearings are ball/roller bearings and only need low pressure lubrication. Are you sure you are not circulating oil? Loosen the banjo fittings at the head, run the engine and see if it "leaks" oil. If so, I think you may be normal.

You need to take out the bolt that connects the oil line to the head. It should come out fo there after a little bit when it is running.

Cheers folks GSCX and Ncampion.

I got it,what a freaking mess,but its all fixed and all my fault.

I got a massive day tomorrow ,so im gonna post later.

Thank for helping.

Ok its like this.

Im a "neat freak" and was just so totaly focused on the gearbox repair that i nneglected some simple stuff,cant see the wood for the trees.

I was total looking at the oil system on the engine,i was blind to other areas of posable concern.

The oil pump was not working,only on the scavenging side to return oil to the frame oil tank.

After checking what i thorght was everything,my buddy asked if the oil lines were right.

OH my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!! the two oil lines that atach under the frame oil tank have been swapped over.

My fault,i know.

Swapped them back and oil pressure returned in an instante.

Thanks everybody.

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