xr600r front end rebound clank

I just had my fork seals done by a local shop. I had a few isues with the work ( which is a whole different topic). I am now getting a loud clank when the fron end rebounds. It feels like a reverse bottoming out, when the forks come back up. I talked to the shop and they said they would fix it but I am a little dubious since my upper tripple clamp was loose when I got it back as well as the front axle. Any suggestions on how to fix this or anyone have this issue before after a fork rebuild. The forks seem fine on the compression. I can crack the throttle and bring the front end up and it feels smooth when I come down. It is mostly on small bumps when the front end doenst go down far and rebounds quickly. Thanks for the help and feedback. BTW it is a 95 xr600r. stock front end.

I may be wrong,but I don't think a xr600 has rebound settings of any kind,did they change the weight of the oil? thicker oil will slow down the rebound


anyone....any ideas..

Im assuming they used standard viscosity fork oil.. oem specs

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