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YZ-125 not shifting???

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Hello guys first post here, I recently broke down the top end on my 03 yz-125 after it stopped running one day, comes to find out it was leaking coolant, and my ring and piston was fried, so replaced that and filled the bike back up with coolant, and it started right up, but for some strange reason I can shift up just fine while flying down the road, but when i go to slow down and down shift, it shifts down to 3rd gear and won't go any further down, sometimes gets caught in 2nd and for the life of me I cannot get it to go into first....any suggestions would be a great help, could the coolant leak be the problem, or maybe something with the top end wasn't done properly, i'm fairly new to all of this, so anything on topic would be perfect. THANKS in advance!!!

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