2010 kx 65 comprssion test

What should the compression be on new 2010 kx 65. I got 130 psi which seems low to me and bike has only 5-10 hours on it. With the same guage I get 165 psi on new yz 125 which seems about right. Kx 65 runs great. What plug does everybody run, it came with ngk br10 but it really dark would a br9 be better. Thanks for help.

We use the br 9 eg in our 65 with no problems.

I run a BR9iex. Get about 6 months out of them. In 5 yrs have only had 1 plug act up. I've had a similar reading on my bike after a fresh top end. I just note it. That way I can do a compression check later on. I'm not sure my guage is accurate, since it has never read as high as I expect.

i believe the kx tops out at 170 psi for a well build and sealed motor. make sure you are doing it WOT.

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