Dyno Conundrum...

Got my 400sm on the dyno this morning (for free) and was a little confused with the results.

My Bike:



K&N filter

TT 39mm FCR-MX

-160 Main Jet

-200 Main Air Jet

-Pilot Air Jet removed

-45 Pilot Jet

-EMN Needle clip 3

-2 turns fuel screw

-O-ring mod

-Timing screw in 1/2 turn

FMF Powerbomb Header

FMF Titanium 4 (open)

Hotcams intake and exhaust

Conti-force supermoto tire (150) @40.0 PSI

Temp 65.0 F.....Humidity 34%.....Elevation 1221ft

EK X-ring Chain

---Any feedback is appreciated as I thought the bike would make more RWHP




***Run_003 was with airbox cover (side panel) Removed***

needs a smaller main jet.

power numbers are relative to that dyno.

how much power does a stock drz make on that dyno?

power isnt that far off with that pipe.

for the main, would a 158 or 155 work better?

The dyno was a dynojet250i, and I have no idea what a stock drz made on that specific dyno..For what its worth they dynoed a yfz450 with a full motoworks system and PC and it made 38 at the wheels...

And for the pipe...im looking into an mrd/ssw shorty.

with that pipe a 155 is likely correct.

cant compare atv's with motorcycles. they have way more weight to turn at the wheel.

you will be 40hp pretty easy with the mrd pipe.

I understand the ATV to motorcycle comparison i.e. the "for what its worth" part haha

Thanks for the info:thumbsup:

Edit: if i were to run the mrd could i leave the 160 MJ in?

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