Coolant Coming Out

Thers a tiny hole at the bottom of my water pump housing, when I first fire up it drips coolant, what the hells that all about?

Big Al, The hole lets you know when the seal is going bad, so if it leaks out that hole you better order a pump A.S.A.P. ~Hit-man~ (Cars are the same way)


00' yz426f LATER DAYS!!!

Big Al

Because I have never replaced the YZ seal,

I am not sure if YZ's are the same as CR's, but on certain CR's you can fix the "peep hole " leak buy simply replacing the outer water seal, that is just behind the impeller.


do you need to change the entire pump if the seal (s) are bad ?

Mine did that last winter when I went out for a ride.

I had left the bike towards the front of the garage near the door where it is noticebly colder. I think this is what caused it.

the seal must have gotten real cold or maybe the cold air dried it out.

I was out riding and thought i had cracked something. It was the only time i did not have my manual in my toolbox............figures!

got home and ordered the $2.13 part and also the oring gasket was about$4 which i replaced also.

but anyway i was happy it was only $6 instead of $600

Super simple too.

just make sure you put it in square.

I used just a little tiny scrwdrvr to get it out very carefully.

I used a socket that was the right size to push it into place.


.It is actually called the WEEP HOLE



That's not thunder ridin' your BUTT .........

It's a whole Damn HURRICANE!!!!!!

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