XR650L Ad

I'm wanting to get a dual-sport bike and had my heart set on a DR650. This ad came out on Craiglist today.


I've read a lot on how the XR650L compares to the DR650. I'm curious what everyone thinks about this bike and the price.


About $1,000 too high. You note he does NOT show an actual picture of his bike. That or he is a very confusing writer. Aftermarket add ons are usually worth nothing, stock parts add value. Now, if this bike is 100% stock or all the stock parts are there, no scratches or dings, proof of meticulous maint., then maybe, it is worth $2K. KBB lists a retail value of $1,650, wholesale of $1,100. Keep in mind, parts get harder to get once a bike crosses that 20 year mark. If I were you, I'd hunt down a bike like a 2004 model year instead unless you HAVE TO Have a 94 XLR650....

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