2011 Won't Idle. Please Give Advice

My friend and I both bought 2011's a few months ago. Both bikes have about 10hrs on them.

Today his bike will not idle. Symtoms are similar to when intake valves tighten up...and the bike will fire, but it breaks up really bad and puffs out a rich puff of smoke when tring to keep it fired. :thumbsup:

I checked the valves and the are all spot on. Changed plug just for hits and giggles and disconected most of the plugs...and made sure they were clean and dry.

Any suggestions? I might pull the throttle pos. sensor off my bike to test it. Tring to run through all the stupid stuff before we take it to the dealer.

Fuel pump or ign. box?

Please feel free to offer advice

Well thats a toughy.. the dealer will a diag tool to see if the ecu says somethings wrong.

It was the throttle position sensor. The pins were corroded and probably cause it to short.

His bike was a display bike at the dealership and was wheeled in and out everyday since late 2010. Either that or he was overzelious with the preasure washer.


We bought the dielectric grease after diag.

good thread......have thought about this but figured didn;t need too...

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