Another cool RZ500 conversion





Sweet, is that an R1 frame? well main frame i'm sure there is a few one off parts used like to see it with out the bodywork. Someday my friend will get his RZ 500 project going fun bike but it's tame-ish compared to the RG but she makes such sweet music on the pipes.

It's a 2007 R6 frame, tank and swingarm.

Duc 999 Ohlins forks.

Ohlins shock.

PCM wheels

Swarbrick pipes

Brembo brakes

The fairing is the trick part,

an old WCM MotoGP leftover

SWEET! I have never seen anything like that. Looks like you got a little kick starter rub on the frame though.

Unfortunately it's not mine. It's from a guy in Norway.

The mark by the kickstarter is a relief section that was

boxed and rubbing. The final lights and

paint still have to be done.

Thats AWSOME... very nice job!

Thanks for the comments (for the guy that built the

What's even more impressive is he welded the cone pipes himself (4)




I love that thing. R6s are scalpels as is, and that RZ lump has to be quite a bit lighter than the stocker.

I wish I could see it in person very impressive. Probably fun too.

I love that thing. R6s are scalpels as is, and that RZ lump has to be quite a bit lighter than the stocker.

At first blush, many would think the RZ 2T engine should be significantly lighter than an R6 engine.

One would think.

But when compared to the RG500 (the other 4cyl. 2T of the day), the RZ was 60lb. heavier.

What was going on? Four things; frame, engine, pipes, ancillaries.

The steel frame of the RZ weighs approx. 20lb. more than the RG alum. frame (and the RZV alum. frame).

The stock RZ pipes are heavy, chambers drop approx. 10lb. and match the RG.

The suspension and wheels of the RZ are approx. 10lb. heavier than the RG's.

So that's 40lb. of a 60 lb. difference. What was left? The engine.

The RZ V4 (really an angled square four) was originally designed by the factory to be able to take 700+cc while modified.

This means the gears, shafts and cases are significantly heavier than the RG's.

(and the RZ actually has a balance shaft, which by the way can be removed)

How much heavier is the RZ engine than the RG engine? About 20lb.

So the point of this whole story is that because two strokes reach their peak power at a lower RPM than four strokes, their torque must be significantly

higher than a similarly sized four stroke to have the same peak power. And that torque is the driver of the gear/shaft/case design.

So the RZ500 (really designed to be a modded 700) has the gears/shafts/cases of a 1000cc four stroke.

Because of that, even though the RZ is lacking the valvetrain of the R6, its gears/shafts/cases are heavier and imho are close to what the valvetrain weighs on the R6.

So simple right, the R6 and RZ engined R6 will feel the same because they weigh about the same?

No again. That weight of the RZ is placed low in the frame (case) vs. the R6 weight carried in its valvetrain up high.

So even though both bikes would weigh about 365lb. dry, the RZ engined R6 will still feel more nimble and handle better.

But it's not because it's lighter. It's because the weight is lower giving it a lower center of gravity.

There are currently a couple guys working on building 700+cc RZ engines that will put out in excess of 160rwhp. That will be interesting.

Is the rz 500 engine related to the in yz125 times 4????

Yes, you can run modified YZ125 pistons and the same two stroke dynamics apply.

But it was designed to be able to take two RZ350 banks or four 175's.(same as a Banshee)

The biggest one being built so far that I know of is a 784cc. (those are modded Banshee cylinders)


That is awesome, on several levels.

Damn carver you know your RZ five hundie's wish I could tell ya what my friend had done to his motor exactly but it's been ported had some kind of special coating done to the cylinder walls reed blocks modded has jolly moto's but they won't be used. it's still a 500 but is suppose to be putting down 100 hp to the rear wheel on pump gas. But the TZR 250 will be back on the road before the 500 the 250 smokers are a blast I have two NSR MC21's and a RGV 250 VJ22 hopefully this summer I can get a ride on the RG 500 might not be such a hot idea might make me wanna build an RGV 500 :thumbsup:

Thanks. If you decide to go with an RG, make sure to get the trans. upgrades,

they don't like going too far above the stock 95hp with stock gears.

LG RG500 Trans. Upgrade

Thanks for sharing. That RZ500 motor is a work of art all by itself!

Thanks for sharing. That RZ500 motor is a work of art all by itself!

You're welcome, that throttle body injection doesn't hurt either eh?

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