Fork seal install Saran Wrap use ?

I am changing out my fork and dust seals today on my 1987 RM 250

I read that you can use Saran Wrap during installation so you don't damage your seals.

What is the procedure to do this?

Place Saran Wrap over fork tube drive in seal and your done?

Do you leave the Saran in the fork tube that is under the driven in Seal?

I must be missing something

Can someone please post to clarify the proper way of doing this.


If the have the OEM seal package, you can slip this over the fork tube to protect the seal.

Put some grease over it so it will slide over, otherwise you will slice the new seal and be back at square one.

I always use OEM fork seals, the ones from other vendors are less expensive but they are a 'short-term' seal...

You can use saran wrap or a thin plastic bag. Put it over the end of the inner fork tube to slide the seals on w/o tearing them on the sharp edges on the end of the tube, then take them off once the seals are on. Make sure to coat them with some fork oil so the seals slide easily over them.

Make sure your bushings are all good other wise any seal you put in there will be temporary.

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