Drz125 dilema

i've got a 04 drz 125.i was running it the other day and it was running great.ran outta gas and took it home.i ran inside and asked my lilttle sister to put gas in it. (shes 11 and fully capable)i came out and she said she put gas in.i asked mixed or normal?she said normal and i started to ride again.it wouldn't idle and started to bog really bad.i found out that it was mixed =(.although it was was chain saw mix (1-50 or 50-1 i forget) it was running pretty rough.i took out the gas and put in 93 octane.it wouldn't idle still so i the cleaned spark plug. it still wouldn't idle so i turned it up temperately.it was running fine that day.i left it in the garage for a week without starting it. i pulled it out put choke on then started.started first kick.i turned off choke and was riding.now it will idle for like 5-6 seconds then slowly go down rpms and quit.there's also a low-mid rpm bog.any suggestions?

Carb all "stock" ?? if so take it off clean it out and fix that all "stock" problem .

up the pilot jet by one or two sizes get in at the air screw and set it up properly.

I'm with BruceD. I bet your carb was a little gunked up and the slight decrease in available gas in the pre-mix was the breaking point.

Your little sis just saved you a hassle later when you'd be scratching yoru head saying "I don't get it, it ran fine last week!"

Aren't little sisters great? Buy her an ice cream cone.

*EDIT* ok..so i have a pro circuit t4 exhaust stainless full system.i also have a modded air box and a k&n air filter on the way.the jetting is 107.5 main and 20 pilot. this is the recommended settings for these mods.

But since i posted this i have replaced the spark plug and cleaned the carb.( for the 50th time) and find out the air screw was all the way in :0.I turned it out 2 1/2 turns and it runs better.the only problem is that it wont idle.it used to idle at very low rpms. It just died so i turned up the idle.its almost bottomed out now but it still dies. its hangs up at high rpms then slowing goes down till its just sputtering and then it dies.

How did you arrive at 2.5 turns out ? was that random or did you try to set the screw where it should be by trying all other positions ?

Sounds like sis filled your tank and managed to get some dirt in the tank, or the tank she used had dirt. Drain the tank, clean the carb and see what happens!


How did you arrive at 2.5 turns out ? was that random or did you try to set the screw where it should be by trying all other positions ?

2.5 turns was the recommended setting.Do you have a different opinion?what do you recommend?and the screw next to the main jet what is it?is it the pilot screw?But i just got the k&n air filter and opened up the air box a bit.it runs alot better now but it still doesnt idle.the carb is spotless

i hear with the air mixture screws you start at 1 and a 1/4 turn out and then test it on decel and snap of the throttle. if its bad(like back fire on decel and bog on snap of the throttle) turn it another 1/4 turn, continue this tell its good. and if you turn it 2 and 1/2 turns its a good chance it came lose since its not in a lot of threads. if over 2 and 1/2 turns you need to re jet

also clean your tank, blow it out with air and put a filter on it.

that's my 2 cents

Sounds to me like you need to really pull your carb and petcock and clean and adjust, pre-mix would not have clogged anything up.

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