125 2 Strokes

Hi Guys,

I think the next bike I get will be a 125 2 Stroker. I was wondering which are the best out of the 4 main makes? (Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha).

I know some people say choose your colour, but I have heard in 125's that there is quite a lot of difference between each one.

I won't be buying yet, but I can keep my eye out for good deals!

Thanks and ATB,


Not sure if your asking for advice, if so, then this question would be better off in the "What bike should I buy?" forum. We have an 04 cr 125 and an 02 yz 125 that we just picked up at our house. We have had issues with the CR, but now that they are fixed, it seems like an awesome bike. We don't have enough time on the yz to say any difference yet. We have done a reasonable amount of mechanical work on both of them over this winter and find them quite reasonable to work on. Do some searches in the bike specific forums and you will get lots of good info.

The Bug

I have owned both a YZ125 and an RM125... Can't find fault with either one of them, just be prepared to work harder on the "not so tight" trails than the guys with 250's

i would get the yz.

the honda is a handler! so is the RM. The YZ is super light (05+) and the motor was re-done in 05 too. The KX 03-05 had great low end power. Honda requires dedication to get it to run best. 125SX is supposed to have very strong motor.

my yz has been really good also i only payed 1250 for it

depending on your riding, i would probably say 75% dont buy it, but yeah, i do somewhat technical trail, and some hills that you dont go too fast up but they aint steep either, and you have traction, my Yz125 its a 2006 just could not make it, drop out of that powerband and your done..... take a old 86 Dr100 up it and it makes it up no problem, blah >.>

Thanks everyone for all the replies! Keep them coming as they certainly help! :thumbsup:

For me handling is the number one priority and I am picky about it. Any of the motors and suspension can be made to work decently. I've owned four Honda 125's ('00-'03), one Suzuki 125 ('96), and one Yamaha 125 ('05). I've ridden a few Ktm's and no Kawasaki's. The Suzuki and Yamaha were too top heavy for me and the Yamaha had a nasty mid corner feel probably because of the weird aluminum frame they used. The Yamaha was otherwise great box stock. The last KTM I rode was an '09 150 and it handled perfectly and it was way faster than the others although the power was mid to top. Honda's are a mixed bag. The '01 was an awesome handling bike with an easy to ride motor but the newer ones have no low end stock and too quick steering for my taste. I've got an '03 CR125 now and it works great but took a year of messing around to get sorted. Bottom line: I'd get the KTM!

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