What are the signs of a worn clutch ?

Had the 09RMZ 450 for 2 years now. Been using the clutch heavily in that time.

Recently, whenever I gas it into the corner and then locked up the rear brake it'll stall.

Also sometimes when I'm rolling really slow in first gear it'll stall too.

Could it be the clutch ?


A worn clutch (thin plates and disc) won't cause the engine to stall, but locking up the rear brake without pulling in the clutch or an out of adjustment clutch will stall the engine.

When you say you're just idling along and the engine stalls, are you touching any of the controls, are does it stall on it's own?

If your clutch basket is notched that could cause the clutch plates and disc to stay partially engaged, and the engine to stall even with the clutch lever pulled in.


Thank you for taking the time to write this out. But I think Im just going to give it to my mechanic.

thanks again.

my crf250 does the same thing when comeing into a corner hard. I let off the gas, pull the clutch, lock up the rear wheel and sometimes it will die, has costed me to lose some races. to stop this i just turn up the idle when i race. dosent sound like a clutch problem tho

Probably a notched clutch basket.

Sounds like all you need to do is adjust the clutch cable.


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