Just cant figure this out

Had Eddie redo the head and also threw a new set of rings in there. Got 75 PSI of compression with the auto decomp enabled.

But It wont run. I Tried everything. I tore into the carb again and checked all jets and holes to make sure they were not clogged. Checked for firing, and was good. Still not running. It will "hit" from time to time, and also backfire from time to time. So, I checked the timing, according to the manual, its in time. I even went as far as using starting fluid to try and get it to run, and it would just do the same, "hit" from time to time.

Honestly, it sounds like its out of time. Maybe just a tooth. But it looks right to me. Ecept for the exhaust cam gear looks to be a little off of the vertical. But moving it a tooth takes it too far I think. Another thought I had was the timing chain tensioner, its still the stock one, I have heard bad things about them. is it possible that under load, its actually allowing the chain to slack and therefore essentially throw the timing out by a tooth or so. I just don't know.

Below is a link to the pics of the bike set on TDC. What do you guys think? Essentially, it now has compression, and fuel (and also starting fluid), and I think timing, therefore it should run. Any thoughts? Anyone ever went through this? Is there something I'm missing here?









If you're at TDC, exhaust is off by one pin.

Are you at T of F on the flywheel?

I'm at T. Didn't realize there was an F.

If you're at TDC, exhaust is off by one pin.

OH, I though the #2 arrow was to be pointed vertical, as in perpendicular to the plane of the head. The intake is the one that I thought was off. Its kinda hard to tell in the pictures, because its difficult to get the best angle, but the #2 arrow on the exhaust is perpendicular to the plane of the head. One tooth seems as if it would throw it off. But, I'm not sure, hence why I'm asking.

pull the stator cover.

OK Eddie. Gonna check the starter clutch bolts. Thanks.

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Well, Guess what? Stator Destroyed. Imagine that.

Anyone got a good used stator laying around?

time to order a ricky stator!


time to order a ricky stator!


I take it these are good stators? Not to bad priced I see. Hope the flywheel is ok.

So, who has done this before? Just trying to be prepared. Do I need to pull the flywheel? I assume I will. Which will mean I will have to buy the puller I assume again.

I don't think you need it, but if you do...

Flywheel puller on Amazon:

Kawasaki Suzuki KLX400 Flywheel Puller [38mm x 1.5mm] Sold by: Heartland Products Inc

Condition: new

$39.99 each

Thanks Man. Just didn't know if I would have to remove it to be able to extract the broken bolts. Not sure if there is enough bolt to get a hold of with a pair of vise grips.

Just ordered a Ricky Stator. Will be in at the end of the week.

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