2007 KX85 will not start

I sold one of my son's KX85's to a friend's son and the bike ran great, we never had a problem with it. The new owner rode a dozen times without any problems but the last time it ran he said that he put regular in instead of premium. He said that the bike was running bad with much less power, bike died and hasn't started since. I had done a new top end before selling to them. They have done everything they know from cleaning the carburetor, changing the plug and replaced the reeds which they said were cracked. I went over there today and see if I could get it to start. Good compression and spark, took the carb off and checked the float level. It will not start at all, nothing. :thumbsup::confused::confused::confused::worthy::confused::busted:

Any suggestions or problems with these bikes. Our other 85's, race and practice bike still run excellent.

Good compression??? as in how checked??? The kicker can "feel" like it does but without properly checking with a gauge, there's no real test.

Did you try roll starting it? I have never heard of any no start problems that are common other than the things you mentioned it may be. But there's always a chance that it could be a one time failure or problem. i.e. Timing moved if screws came loose, Stator or coil giving spark but not a strong one, etc etc. I did, once, have a coil go out on my sons 06 100.

As for gas, I know some people run 87 or 89 and do ok but these bikes are built to run on 92+

Also check the cylinder. Better make sure that he is mixing

gas and oil properly at the right ratio. If not, then try using the

premium instead of regular. That's all I got. You could also try what SAPPERS

said above me, roll starting the bike.

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